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- Monica
Rave Sports O-Zone Water Bouncer
Loads of Fun1
This is a great toy for summer and the kids love it -adults too!! Make sure you add the slide for extra fun. Pretty easy to set up. We got it really fast and shipping is free. Very happy with this product.
- Jake
Rave Sports 15 Foot Frameless Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline
Easy Set UP and Breakdown
My children really like this trampoline. It was easy to set up and break down after use. Don't expect to jump as high as a normal land trampoline though. Thanks for the help in buying also
- Hank
Aquaglide Blast Bag for Platinum Trampolines
Blast Zone Blast Bag
We own a few attachments for our Water Trampoline and the are all nice. However, of all the add-ons, the Blast Bag is the one we love the most. We have have our 250lbs Uncle launch the kids so far in the air it almost hurts. If you are only going to get one attachment get the blast bag.
- Norm
Rave Sports 13 Foot Northwoods Bongo Water Bouncer
Rave Water Tramp.
Item shipped quick and the family is having a blast. Loved that they offer free shipping and deliver so quick. Thank you again!
- Christine
Aquaglide Takeoff Bouncer and Towable
More pros than cons
Pros are that is fun to use, easy to inflate and the construction is quality. The only con is that it is hard to transport because it is somewhat heavy.
- Wayne
Aquaglide Platinum 14 Foot Steel Frame Water Trampoline with Blast Bag
A good investment
My wife and I went back and forth on this purchase, simply due to cost. In the end, it paid for itself as the kids used it almost every day at the lake house this summer. We saved money not having to give them money for video games or go to the movies! It's nice that they were outdoors as well. Definitely recommend the blast bag attachment, we got both that and the log and they were very popular.
- Jane F.
Aquaglide Rebound 16 Foot Water Bouncer with Slide and Log
We purchased the Rebound as our first ever water trampoline. We were so excited to use it, and the Rebound did not disappoint. Thank you very much, this product will bring joy to our family for many many years.
- Jeremy
Aquaglide Platinum 14 Foot Steel Frame Water Trampoline
Kids LOVE It!!!!!
Easy set-up and a huge success all summer. I had to kick the kids out of the water every night before dinner. This was by far the best summer toy we've ever purchased. Great investment for adult sanity.
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